To Meet Virtually Any Need

From ground to sea to air, Leonardo DRS can answer technical and logistical requirements across any sector.  Our team of hardware and software service personnel is ready to answer any need because our job is to help you do yours.

Avionics & aviation support

Simulation, training, flight line ground support, mobile mapping, intelligence, data recording and more.

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Intelligence & security

Security, surveillance and force protection products and systems with expert support services.

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Communications & networks

Reliable SATCOM and terrestrial communications and computing solutions.

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Power &  propulsion

Reliable power distribution, modular power conversion and advanced electric naval propulsion.

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Computing & information technology

Designed for a range of platforms, domains and situations, including land, mobile, sea and air.

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Surveillance, reconnaissance & EOIR

Ready-to-launch products and individual components for land, mobile, sea and air.

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Defense systems

Developing advanced combat systems to provide our troops the best capabilities on the battlefield.

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Sustainment, logistics & advanced services

Advanced solutions for logistical necessities, as well as the service to support them.

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